Friday, April 17, 2015

Feeling Good

Feeling good today, the weather is cooler and I am making plans to move Mum into the shed/granny flat. It means I will have to change the decor from industrial to granny but I don't really mind much. Mum comes first. I want to make it pretty for her! She will be bringing her electric bed and pale blue linen so the flat will now be orange (from the previous industrial plan) and pale blue (her favorite colour), I will get her some floral curtains and put  blue hydrangeas in vases! We  have had a quote and are getting a wheelchair path to the house put in so I can bring her over to be with us and sit on the deck.

my son and his two girls on our deck on their last visit
Family is so important!


  1. Your mum is so lucky to have you. I know she will love her granny flat!

    1. I hate to move her out of her home but she cant be alone anymore and my brother is leaving.Thanks so much Janet for coming by!


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