Monday, October 26, 2015


So few posts lately.It has been hectic since Mum moved in and soon after John retired,leaving us (unknown to me) a mountain of debt so not only do we need to sell our house but Mums and the Causeway as well.
Looking forward to a new start but first we must do Mums.
John has been working flat out and I have been buying and designing, it would be heaps of fun if I could just get in there but Mum is 24/7.
Some photographic updates.

Silvie and Jessie at Tannum sands

Poppy loves a good fire

Big hugs for OLd Nanny


The girls with Michael their dad

My Jessie wessie
My vine went nutso this year!

My new bedhead and Beryl my cat

My darling husband and his possessive girlfriend Peggy!

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  1. Darling grandgirls!! and your purple flowers are gorgeous.sorry for your troubles-hope all gets sorted out.


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