Sunday, February 7, 2016

No Action

I haven't been posting since Mum moved in. I love having her but she is using up the energy I used to use for blogging. I haven't been painting either and work on Mum's house has come to a standstill with John going back to work and him being our only worker with Joanne (precious daughter) pregnant

my grand-baby number 4

and me housebound with Mum.

She turned 94 this month.

There is a page dedicated to the job see labels across the top of the blog home-page.



  1. Oh Lee, I've missed hearing about your adventures. I'm sorry you haven't had time to do much art... is there any way you can get your mum to do some art, doodle, dabble with paint, coloring books? I'm not sure what her situation is. Be sure to take some time for yourself, caregivers need to care for themselves too! xo

    1. I have ordered some larger print crossword books for her, she used to love cryptic crosswords!


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