Wednesday, May 18, 2016

 another installment...............

Mum is fine apart from the usual poo & wee issues.  She's not telling about the poo because she doesn't want her nappy changed and I have cold hands now.
 I told her this morning that I will be getting my hair cut on Friday, which means that my cleaning lady will stay an extra 2 hours so that Mum is not on her own.
She is cross with me because I "get away at every opportunity" and I even plan ahead to do it.
 On Tuesday I will be taking Baci (dog) to the vet to get his annual injections and the carer will stay with Mum and the following Tuesday I will be getting my toenails done again ( I can't see them and I can't maneuver to get an angle so that I can cut them myself).
 So you can see that I have been planning ahead.AGAIN...............................
The doctor said that he doesn't know anybody over 90 who isn't feisty so no worries about Mum then.

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