Sunday, May 29, 2016

Fw: Re: mum


Date: 27/05/2016 9:08:33 AM
To: Lee
Subject: Re: mum
OK.  I'm sure she misses you too.  Sometimes all you need is a break to keep on going.  Do you remember Judith & Greg who were my friends?  She has Parkinson's Disease and needs feeding and toileting and everything else but her mind is still OK.  She has booked herself into a Nursing Home for two weeks in August to give her husband a break.  I think he probably needs a bit longer because the first two weeks he will be feeling guilty.  Hopefully he will go somewhere or do something rather than just being at home.  Did you hear that Tina ,our cousin, who also has Parkinson's Disease has been
told that she has a limited time to live (like 3 months).  Everyone is upset about that and she relies heavily on her daughter because her husband isn't much use. We should be on our knees everyday because we don't have some horrible debilitating ailment.  I am getting a bit tired lately but I can't blame Mum. She's not really any trouble but I wish she would
try to do things.  I am trying to devise a way to wash her hair as she won't cooperate even though she wants it done.  I will start taking some vitamins again to pep me up a bit. My energy levels have always been a bit cyclic.  Must go as my cleaning lady is due this morning.  Mum says she hasn't cleaned behind her door!!!  I don't care.  She is a wonderful help to me.  She is supposed to do the floors and the glass doors and windows and she does quite a bit more than that.  The carer is also very helpful and is happy to do anything, even Spring Cleaning.  At one place she goes to they ask her to iron towels???
We had a family night last night, but Jussie has the flu and so they didn't come.  Nathan is getting his deviated septum fixed today and he is very nervous about it.  I tried out a couple of TV recipes and I won't be cooking either of those again.
Karen and Morten were here with their new baby (puppy).  They are calling themselves Mummy and Daddy. . . .
Love, Berb

Lee wrote:

Please tell Mum I love her and am missing her dreadfully!


  1. I have been a family carer most of my life and currently care for my sister who has mental disability and mental health issues.So I can relate to all that has been said in the post and my latest mantra is" caring for the carer".Its incredibly important ,in my case if I couldn't care for my sister she would probably end up in a mental home .If there are still any around.
    I don't get the guilts when she is in respite care ,because she loves that time away .So picking some where pleasant is differently the way to go.
    And hats off to Judith for taking that step and organising some respite care for her hubby, that is an incredibly brave thing to do.
    As for your mums hair washing ,I have similar issues with my sis and it an't gonna matter how you do it its still gonna be wrong......get some one else to do it if you can. cheers and remember to breathe deeply

    1. Thanks,always good to hear from another carer!


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