Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Life with Mum

I thought I would share my sisters letters about life with Mum, it was the same for me LOL!....................
I can hear Mum in with the physio saying "No, I'm not going to sit up
because I don't want to". "What if we put pillows
behind you?"  "No, I don't want to".  "I get a headache if I sit up and
I'm not going to do it."  "Sometimes it's not the
best to lie down all day."  Screaming "I don't want to.  Go away!!",
"OK just take 5 slow breaths then, breathing in
and breathing out."  "No!  No!  You're forcing me."  Now the cat has
left the room and come into the study.  Poor
Kirsty, she is such a lovely polite girl and Mum is such a rude
unmotivated "old dear" sometimes.
It is very hard to understand her absolute refusal to do anything, when
she eats lying down and chokes on her
drinks and makes a complete mess, yet refuses to sit up.
This morning the helper was here and Mum had shat herself when we were
doing the wash so I was cleaning her
bum and the girl was helping me.  Mum said "Stop looking at my bum" and
the girl said we are just cleaning it
and Mum said "It doesn't need two people to look!"  She doesn't like
that girl much because she says that she
says "yes" all time???  She doesn't like the cleaning lady because she
hasn't cleaned behind the door she said.

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