Thursday, June 2, 2016



small works collection  by me
From: Berbie Date: 1/06/2016 6:25:32 PM
To: Lee
Subject: Re: trouble
So far so good, but I will be prepared for it. 
I was rousing on her this morning because she lies about whether or not she has done a poo and so I have to look with a torch.  I told her that sitting in poo is what causes her urinary problems and she  poo pooed me.  When I asked her why she didn't believe me she said she did but she doesn't sit in poo because I keep taking it away. That really made me laugh.  She doesn't think it's funny but I did.

Lee wrote:

She will dob on you first chance she gets LOL! 
Date: 31/05/2016 2:25:51 PM
To: Lee
Subject: Re: trouble
I sympathize with you.  It is very hard to get what you want if it isn't exactly the same as everybody else.
They always think they know better but sometimes I think that their interpretation of what you say is clouded by their own
idea of what you meant.  At least now you can keep an eye on him.
It's Tuesday today Mum's least favorite day.  I had some friends for lunch and forgot to give Mum any until 1.50pm.
She hadn't said a word and I was devastated that I forgot her.
Lee wrote:

Having the usual problems with out worker at the house, he doesn't LISTEN and goes ahead and does it his way! GRRRR!

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