Sunday, May 29, 2016

Fw: Re: mum


Date: 27/05/2016 9:08:33 AM
To: Lee
Subject: Re: mum
OK.  I'm sure she misses you too.  Sometimes all you need is a break to keep on going.  Do you remember Judith & Greg who were my friends?  She has Parkinson's Disease and needs feeding and toileting and everything else but her mind is still OK.  She has booked herself into a Nursing Home for two weeks in August to give her husband a break.  I think he probably needs a bit longer because the first two weeks he will be feeling guilty.  Hopefully he will go somewhere or do something rather than just being at home.  Did you hear that Tina ,our cousin, who also has Parkinson's Disease has been
told that she has a limited time to live (like 3 months).  Everyone is upset about that and she relies heavily on her daughter because her husband isn't much use. We should be on our knees everyday because we don't have some horrible debilitating ailment.  I am getting a bit tired lately but I can't blame Mum. She's not really any trouble but I wish she would
try to do things.  I am trying to devise a way to wash her hair as she won't cooperate even though she wants it done.  I will start taking some vitamins again to pep me up a bit. My energy levels have always been a bit cyclic.  Must go as my cleaning lady is due this morning.  Mum says she hasn't cleaned behind her door!!!  I don't care.  She is a wonderful help to me.  She is supposed to do the floors and the glass doors and windows and she does quite a bit more than that.  The carer is also very helpful and is happy to do anything, even Spring Cleaning.  At one place she goes to they ask her to iron towels???
We had a family night last night, but Jussie has the flu and so they didn't come.  Nathan is getting his deviated septum fixed today and he is very nervous about it.  I tried out a couple of TV recipes and I won't be cooking either of those again.
Karen and Morten were here with their new baby (puppy).  They are calling themselves Mummy and Daddy. . . .
Love, Berb

Lee wrote:

Please tell Mum I love her and am missing her dreadfully!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Fw: Mum daily


Date: 23/05/2016 5:05:24 PM
To: Lee
Subject: Mum daily
Today Mum was saying "Yes yes Berb Berbie yes yes"  so I went in to see
what she wanted and she said
"I wasn't calling you".
"Well why are you saying my name?"
"It's just easy. What have you been doing?"
"Cooking.  I have to have food to feed to you."
"I couldn't possibly eat all the food you've been cooking."
She makes me laugh.  I can't help it.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Fw: nothing much


Date: 19/05/2016 7:36:18 PM
To: Lee
Subject: nothing much
Hi Babe,
As you know I do a 7.30am to 7.30pm shift 7 days a week and Mum hates
it.  Tonight at about 20 past seven I
said I have to go to the toilet.  Mum's response was "Why can't you do
that in your own time?"  Then when the
clock chimed for half past Mum very indignantly said you sit down for a
few more minutes to make up the time
you spent on the toilet. Then she refused to let me kiss her goodnight
because she was so cross.
Now there's her time and my time.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

 another installment...............

Mum is fine apart from the usual poo & wee issues.  She's not telling about the poo because she doesn't want her nappy changed and I have cold hands now.
 I told her this morning that I will be getting my hair cut on Friday, which means that my cleaning lady will stay an extra 2 hours so that Mum is not on her own.
She is cross with me because I "get away at every opportunity" and I even plan ahead to do it.
 On Tuesday I will be taking Baci (dog) to the vet to get his annual injections and the carer will stay with Mum and the following Tuesday I will be getting my toenails done again ( I can't see them and I can't maneuver to get an angle so that I can cut them myself).
 So you can see that I have been planning ahead.AGAIN...............................
The doctor said that he doesn't know anybody over 90 who isn't feisty so no worries about Mum then.

Life with Mum

I thought I would share my sisters letters about life with Mum, it was the same for me LOL!....................
I can hear Mum in with the physio saying "No, I'm not going to sit up
because I don't want to". "What if we put pillows
behind you?"  "No, I don't want to".  "I get a headache if I sit up and
I'm not going to do it."  "Sometimes it's not the
best to lie down all day."  Screaming "I don't want to.  Go away!!",
"OK just take 5 slow breaths then, breathing in
and breathing out."  "No!  No!  You're forcing me."  Now the cat has
left the room and come into the study.  Poor
Kirsty, she is such a lovely polite girl and Mum is such a rude
unmotivated "old dear" sometimes.
It is very hard to understand her absolute refusal to do anything, when
she eats lying down and chokes on her
drinks and makes a complete mess, yet refuses to sit up.
This morning the helper was here and Mum had shat herself when we were
doing the wash so I was cleaning her
bum and the girl was helping me.  Mum said "Stop looking at my bum" and
the girl said we are just cleaning it
and Mum said "It doesn't need two people to look!"  She doesn't like
that girl much because she says that she
says "yes" all time???  She doesn't like the cleaning lady because she
hasn't cleaned behind the door she said.